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Dat Sport Brakes

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Hey guys just curious about the dat sport front brakes. I have them setup so the caliper is to the front which seems to be different to everyone's. Which way is right and whats the reasoning behind it?


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im fairly sure there ment to be at the back maybe your struts are on the wrong side

Yeah I know it can be swapped over but don't want to have to. I was just curious as to y they should b at the rear. With them at the front they same to brake fine.

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Unless you have swapped the rotors around, they will not clear the dust efficiently.

direction of slots.

Apart from that its just a few minor things.

Brakes will work no matter where the calipers are mounted.

My minor points, and they are minor:

Front mounted calipers are in the low pressure air zone & are shrouded by the rim,

cooling issue.

Calipers mounted to the rear do not get tangled up in sway bars & links.

Calipers to the rear are behind the centre of the wheels so balance is improved.

They look better ?????

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Thanks baz. I knew there was a reason just wasn't sure. For now I'll leave them, and I'll swap the struts over at a later date. By the way those rear seat belts worked a charm.

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