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Skyline Nationals

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Is anyone doing this in September? I didnt make the last meeting.

There was talk of it earlier in the year.

Im keen to hit Wakefield on the Sunday...

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I've sent a couple of emails over the last year and haven't got a reply.

I now realise that I have missed the early bird entry by a long way.

I would have entered for sure. I'll have to decide if it is still worth the late entry fee.

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It would be alot easier to make that decision if there was any info about it anywhere. I have also sent several emails with no reply. It's amazing they can be running an event that has no details on what's actually happening

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Hi,  I am am member of the Sydney Datsun Club.If there is still space i am interested in your track day. Can you please let me know a rough agenda for the day. After every group session a Group A and C demo session, after two full sessions, the sold Passenger rides in group A and C cars, then at least three more session.

 How many cars total? 65

How many cars on the track at once?

Unknown at this stage, but probably 10-15

How many laps per session? 10 minute sessions, up to the car and driver how many laps they get'

How many planned sessions? at least 4, maybe 6

How are you working out the groups without asking for previous track times? We will be requesting previous lap times on sign in

Cars will be grouped according to class.

Thank you for your enquiry.


Thanks Andrew                                    

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Hi Guys,

No idea what has happened to the email address and apologies for not advertising this on your forum in the first place,

Entry forms https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-YOssoW_AjsZjY5NTMxOWItZTQyYy00YWZjLTgxZmQtMjkzOGJiMGFkMDIy/edit?hl=en_US


Shoot President@classicskylinesaustralia.com an email and i think she can still hook you guys up with Early bird (Or Close to it) pricing for the track day

If you just want to enter the show and shine, it will be $20 to be judged and $5 to park, fill out the competitors form so we know what car you are bringing.

The Promo Pack, includes Cap, Polo, and Lanyard




Some judging tips for the show and shine are avalible here


There will be hot laps up for grabs from some of the Historic Nissan Racing team

Price List for Hot Laps is now confirmed.

There will be 1 outlap, and at least 3 hot laps and 1 cool down. Two Laps with Jim Richards at Sandown cost $660.00, but you get lunch .

All proceeds from two of the cars go to MS Australia. A very worthy cause

All Proceeds from the DR30 will be shared between MS Australia and Luke Ellery's USA Bid.

The club is not making any money out of these rides.

Vehicles are:

1984 Nissan Bluebird Group C - Adam Workman Driving - 2 sessions at $300.00 each.

1983 Nissan Exa Group C - Justin Nillson Driving - 2 Sessions $300.00 each

1987 Nissan DR30 Skyline Group A - Luke Ellery Driving - 2 Session $300.00 Each.

There will also be a silent auction at the show and shine for these rides, as well as a listing on Ebay.

Full Video footage of your Hot Laps is also included in the drive.

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Track day is tempting, although its a bit close to the Festival of Sporting Cars day on the next South Circuit at Eastern Creek, 29th September, that I'm already entered for.

Can you do just the track day, without entering the show'n'shine, etc ?

Edited by dave

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For some reason, I cannot access google spreadsheets etc from my work computer.

I'll have to download the entry form from home, now I have my printer sorted.

I am still keen to get my Stagea on the track.

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Welcome to our newest Sponsor!


999 Autoshop Sydney!

19/4A Bachell Avenue


(02) 9643 5571

Have provided some Fantastic Prizes of interest to you R32/3 Guys!

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A quick service and tyre rotation and I'll be all set for Sunday.

Is there a trophy for the fastest car with a towbar?

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Hi all, Any photos of this event?

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