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Datsun 1600 Rear Disc Brake Conversion

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hi i curently have 240k rear drums in my car and want to upgrade to a disc brake package

i only want to buy one that is bolt in

so far i have found the ones at Datsport and maddat not sure which ones to go with,

i dont want them overly big as i have 15" wheels

i have herd from people that they have still had to modify ones that claim they are bolt in

i appreciate any comment from people who have put rear disc brake on there 1600 and hope they point me in the right direction

ps my car has a standard sr20det all engineered

would i need to re-engineer the whole car after i put discs on it?

thanks nick

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i have R31 rears on mine and i did it all myself.

Bought a R31 complete for $50 and used the brackets modified them by copying the Maddat type and used the callipers and bought new disc's and handbrake cables...all up i think it cost me $240

If you want bolt on the maddat ones bolt on the Datsport are welded to the arm.

the R31 fit over a 14inch rim as that whats the R31 came with.

not sure about engineering as not sure what state your in.

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I bought mine through Kev at Specialised brake and clutch in Emu Plains Sydney which i have found to be better than R31 due to them using drum style for handbrake and claipers for braking,these seem to hold better and have a better feel under braking the rotors are 298mm from memory and i have 15" rims on them

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