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1964 Datsun 320 Ute

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Hey guys picked up a new project a couple of months ago from Wagga. Its a 1964 Datsun 320 ute. Its all completely original, with matching engine, even came with original log book and sales receipt from Regent Motors in South Melbourne. Back then the new price was 908 pounds. This particular car was purchased on the 24th of July 1964 after the original owner traded in a 1956 Landrover ute with a stock crate. The little 320 spent its entire life on a farm at Henty NSW and has very little rust considering it has been outdoors almost all its life.

I have always liked the 320's and I plan on giving it a restoration to its former glory. The most rust in this thing is in the tray floor which shouldnt be too hard to fix. The body itself is actually quite good with only minor surface rust. The original E1 1200 engine still runs albeit a bit rough.

Anyway here are some pictures, i havnt started working on it yet, i am waiting for my new shed to arrive before i start on it.

Parts are hard to find so if anyone has any bits laying around i will buy them!







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Top start of a project there buddy, can't wait to see it finished,

Love those old utes,


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Bit of an update with the ute, i have been slowly collecting bits and pieces for the brakes and clutch, picked up some original oil filters for it aswell. Still have no shed to start working on it but shouldnt be too much longer.

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