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Sydney Datsun Club Xmas Camping Weekend 2012.

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Sydney Datsun Club Xmas camping weekend 2012.

Where: Graeme’s Farm - Bungonia (<15 mins east of Goulburn)

When: Saturday 17th / Sunday 18th November

Cost: Free for SDC members and families.

What to Bring: Sleeping bag, toothbrush, Swimmers, Drinks.

What will be provided: Saturday night dinner, Sunday BBQ breakfast.

What we will be doing: Giving the club car a hiding, Blazing some rally tracks. Being merry

RSVP by 14 Nov 2012: Email datsun@sydneydatsunclub.com 0414 193 775

Once confirmed, itinerary and detailed maps will be provided. KIDS WELCOME.

There is limited accommodation. However there is unlimited camping area.

(Large 4br home and caravans. Preferences will be given to members with families).

This weekend also coincides with the Skylines Australia Nationals.

The event comprises: Friday 16th - track day at Wakefield Park,

Saturday 17th - sprints at Goulburn Airport,

Sunday 18th - show and display in Goulburn.

Members wishing to compete or spectate at the track day are welcome to stay on the Friday night also.

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See you Saturday sometime, I will call you when leaving Sydney, cheers

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Was a great Saturday .. checked out the skyline drags and drifting , then went back to graeme's for some shenanigans and a BBQ

There was some testing of vehicles


Pushed to the limits some tyres came off


When the cars were resting , someones gun came out


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Hi all, Had a great time down at Graemes place, here is a few shots as well,

Poor old dattos,


Jeff, Saying, It wasn't me???I didn't break it,


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I was the service mechanic, fixing tryes or morning, LOL


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

ahh,My bed for the night, in the old bus,


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Back yard Bush mechanic's

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