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Maximum Width Tyres Can I Fit Under A 1600 With Different Offsets

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Hey people was just wondering what the widest tyre I can fit under a 1600. Was looking to put 16s under the guards. Was wondering if the only thing I can do to increase wheel width is pump, flare and roll guards or is there something else I can do? Obviously I can tub it but 4 linking is a bit far for what I want. I will be running an sr20 with around 500HP and want as much rubber as I can. Thanks for the help people. I'm on the gold coast even if there was someone that they I could ask and sort stuff out would be a great help. Thanks

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O and the front suspension will be r 31 struts with s12 hubs with r33 calipers, will not have coilovers due to cant engineer in qld. The rear will be adjustable rear x member, and r31 250mm disks

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A lot of variables there.

If your not just dreaming try searching ozdat. It's been covered plenty if times. Read through people's build threads and see what they are doing.

You need to decide why you want this.

Like is it for the drags or circuit days or just flying around the streets etc

Basically you can't get that much power to the ground with standard 510 body shape.

225's will fit the back with rolled lip and a little neg camber. M/T radials will do the job at the drags, but $$ for the street.

Flares are the only way out for more grip

Why can't you engineer coilivers in QLD?

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