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My Project And Storing Parts When It Becomes An Issue.................

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Hey all

Well after many many many years of just wishing to start my project Datsun 1600 I have started!

I bought a very rough shell for $500 couldnt pass it up, then I stripped it.

Then it sat for 3 years.

Then it got stolen! stole it back off the fcuker that stole it.

I got married, I moved for work, I moved back for work then I ran out of money. (money part happened a lot to be honest)

But now It is back on track!

Problem is I have parts everywhere..................

Started off small few bits in the spare room under the bed, then on the floor in the spare room, then in the study, then the shed, then my parents shed, then my in-laws shed and now my work under the desk...............

The plan is to put it on the car when i get it back from the panel beater/painters.

Just wondering if anyone had issues with storing parts, my wife is starting to get a bit shirty as I have the steering column and pedal box in the laundry awaiting soda blasting..............hahahaha.

I will post pics soon it is just that I can't get into the study atm....too many parts...........

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Yeah I know how you feel.

Also forgot to mention I got a diff for the datsun in my car as well as some indicators for the datsun. Just need a place to store them as the back of my car is not a great place.....

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You'll get really good at storage, when you own a datsun...

Have you got any pics ??

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Well this is how it started (again) doesn't look bad but the engine bay and certain ares were flared up with rust, the dickhead who did the work (and stole the car) did a real bad job. I still curse him and when he dies the grave will become my dance floor

on the truck to get blasted

after being stripped

Tin worm, rust, holy sh*t whatever you call it it is bad on the old girl.

the work begins

okay I can't get the photos to work, here is a link

any help with the photos? I thought I was doing the right thing says I am not allowed to use that image extention???

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I store cars and parts at my work at Chullora,cost is $7.00 a day, = $210 a month,Inside a shipping container,

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