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'71 1600 L Series

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Hi all,

New around these parts, hopefully it's a helpful resource for my latest project though!

Quick background - I owned a '71 1600 L18 Datto as my first car back in 2007. After getting my licence I got defected not long after for a whole page of things, which in hindsight probably would have been far less if i weren't a naive 17 year old haha. Following this I was ordered to sell the datto and buy something "more reliable" and "sensible" so I sold the datto (for not much might I add) and bought an 84 beamer (reliable?).

Anyway, so I have just picked up this beautiful 1971 1600 with an original L16, and I am the third owner.

She is mechanically A1 and runs like a dream. The body has had a respray about 6 years ago and only has a few spots coming through in the usual places. The interior is probably the most sorry part, with cracked through the dash pad and seats and the door trims starting to get a bit daggy. But these are only very minor aesthetic problems which I plan on getting repaired back to original ASAP!

Not entirely sure what plans for her are yet. I know I want to stick with the colour (not sure if it is the original brown/orange though). My old L18 was running twin SU's, extractors, 2 1/4 exhaust and some coil overs (can't remember what exactly, but probably 240K or R31 like most seem to be) and it had a dog leg 5 speed. It held on and was zippy enough to have a bit of fun in so I wouldn't mind doing a bit in this direction.

I must stress though, I love how original this thing is and I don't want to get too carried away with new age upgrades as its not really my thing! Long live the L series I say!

Anyway before I keep writing an essay, I'll add a few pics to let you all have a gander! Any inputs are greatly appreciated! I've been an escort man for the last few years (racing sprints) and Land Rover owner so I know my way around cars, but need to get myself up to date with all the desired/no go specs for this model. Specifically carb and suspension related.

Firstly a pic of the first car.


The new toy








Also last note - if anyone could direct me in the best direction to get bits and pieces like badges and stuff like that for cheap it would be great. A few bits and pieces here and there that i'd like to replace.

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Nice looking stocker mate, really nice,

Best places to get stuff is through Stewart wilkins, Datsport, gum tree, ebay,


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Sticker looks great! A mate of mine owned the the blue one ages ago. Good to see your back in the game!

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