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Fibreglass Panels... Opinions

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Hi all,

I just wanted to get what peoples opinions are in regards to fibreglass panels.

I a proud owner of a Datsun 610 coupe and I was thinking of replacing the fenders to fibre glass.

Why might you ask.... Well I've always wanted the early model look on a 610 where the indicators are on the side of the fender rather than next to the grill. I feel this give the car a better and more classic look.

I have searched high and low for early model fenders but with no luck! I can get my hands on a LHS fender but without the RHS this would be useless. So I'm researching the fibre glass option as an alternative.

Has anyone used fibreglass on their vehicles? Does fibreglass stand out like dogs balls?

1 source says that the fenders will never line up correctly no matter what! is this true?

Opinions please


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Fibreglass is generally pretty ugly, fine for a race car but any street car it is going to stand out.

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Jon has a great point, But if done correctly , Some fiberglass guards and various other fiberglass parts on road / show cars, you can't tell the difference, Not sure where you get them made though,

Put a pic up please of your 610,


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Hey Guys

Thanks for your input...

After speaking to a few people in regards to this matter, everyone seems to have the same opinion. So I have scrapped the idea as I want my car to look the part.

However I have been really fortunate to score a 72 4 door 610 with the fenders that I need! Goes to show that patience is a virtue...

The fenders are in great condition and it seem that they are the only part on the car that has no rust. lol

This donor car will also provide a few vital parts that I need to complete my car and for $300 it was worth the wait and the drive to Canberra!

And I even managed to score a SSS grill from another source for a fair price. My Car will now have the look that Ive always wanted, Just need to decide on a colour for future planning.

any ideas? I had pastel yellow or gun metal grey in mind. Im leaning towards the yellow as old cars suit old colours in my opinion


Heres a couple of pics but you will find more in the build thread



My new JDM SSS Lights


Donor Car



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Hi there, Looks great mate, Love all dattos, but the 180B 2 doors are growing on me, your one looks a fine example

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