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Dr Buff

Custom Shortened Lsd Diff For 120Y Coupe

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Hi there Guys

I've been having issues with an old Bluebird ten bolt diff in the back of my 120y Coupe ( not to mention its a locker ) and this diff just has to go. It's basically destroying steering components, unis, suspension, handling ability and shaking the car to pieces as time goes on. Although I replaced the diff bearings to quieten it down, the ring and pinion are also noisy. Over the noise, " ABSOLUTELY OVER IT "

The other problem I have is it bottoms out on the floor pan because the car is low and I don't really want to raise the car because it looks really good the way it is. IT HAS TO GO and I either need somebody to make a new LSD.... " QUIET " ......diff that can fit snugly under the floor pan and possibly maybe give a little more suspension travel without bottoming on the floor pan but, at the same time, must also be able to handle the punch it puts out. It's hooked up behind a pretty healthy CA18 and needs to handle what comes out. If it can't be done with a complete new diff conversion, then I can settle for a complete new LSD diff centre alone but I need somebody who knows their s#$t

Can anybody recommend someone in Sydney that can assist with this ?

Cheers Guys :thanks:


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