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Melbourne Trip

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The wife and I will be making a trip to melbourne in September (19th-22nd) and I was wondering of anyone can suggest some things for me to see or do while she is on a trainning course (20th-21st). I will be staying in the Geelong area.

Are there any good scale model (car) shops in that area?

Any car racing going on that weekend?

Any Datsun meetings?

Throw some suggestions my way please.

Cheers Wombat

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There is a rally on the Saturday night in the Wombat state forrest http://www.whereis.com/?id=269D8720695C3C

Easy 1 hr drive from geelong.

Lots of Datsun's and newer cars aswell. I'll be there in the yellow WRX.

Bugga I would love to go to that. I forgot to mention I have the dinner to go to on Saturday Night.

Anyone else got any thing for me??

I think I should have a look at the Cams Website see what is going on in Vic.

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Mate ring up Ford Australia,tell em your coming and ask to do a factory tour.

Did this a few years ago,and while im not a ford fan it was awesome....

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