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Dat16 - Sr20de 1971 Datsun 1600 - Now Running! Page 21 For Video!

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Those rear tyres look awesome the way they stretch on the 8.5" rims. ;)

I am thinking about 16x8 205/45, do you know how much they would stretch?

:D Thanks mate!

205's on an 8" rim would be pretty good. Not a whole heap of "stretch", but that will vary brand to brand.

I had 205's on a 7" rim on the front of mine, and they sat square. Now, if you add 13mm to each side, you get that much more "stretch".... which doesnt equate to a whole heap.

BUT in saying that, check out this link: Tyre Stretch

And the 205/45's in there seem to have a fair bit of stretch.

Like i said, i think it all comes down to the brand of the tyre.


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Cheers for the info.

Now, Any new updates with pics? ;)

Nothing new just yet..

Dad is doing some work on it for me... namely changing the rear springs to higher ones so it passes roadworthy, and changing the wheels so i can sit all for wheels vertical (ie. No camber) so the guy doing the blueslip for me is happy..

Ive been busy with Uni, and moving house.. so everything is quite chaotic at the moment. But a week from now, and ill be in my new house gettin everything set up (especially the garage).

And just because you wanted a pic, ill show you whats in the pipeline:


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Well hello there again all Datnetters!

Long time no chat/update!

I always seem to be at a loss as to where to start in my never ending story...

Well last I wrote I was just moving house out of a shitty little unit and into my own home. Well the good news is that I finally have completed the move! And already have A datsun in my garage... not mine however. A datto 1200 of my mates as his little side project.

Now onto my datsun? Gotta be wondering where its up to yeah?

Well its a long long story that ends TERRIBLY!

So back as uni just ended, i was ready to attack my car 100%! And throughout the uni holidays nothing changed! I got sooooo much accomplished!

And where did I get the car? Well... FINISHED!

Everything was 100% ready to go for rego! (Not to be confused with 100% up to my aesthetic standards)

I made up my exhaust, using 2.5" stainless pipe, 2 V-Band clamps and one muffler. Boy does it sound awesome!!! 4-2-1 extractors into a complete 2.5" system! Woooo!

I even did what i think EVERYONE should do, and that is to make the exhaust go under/partly through the crossmember. Makes things so much easier! Super simple too. I even did it with the crossmember in the car!

Got my floor mount handbrake all mounted up and adjusted sweetly! Thanks DS.

Now, the one thing that was holding me back? And has been for many many months? THE WIRING!

What a fking nightmare!!

Turns out I had a combination of about 3 different wiring looms in my car...... NO WONDER IT WASNT WORKING!

I ended up going back to the mutilation of a wiring loom that came in my original white car! Lots of joining and cutting and repairing later... we have one completed, working wiring loom!

So all my lights and gauges and all that are working perfectly!

And just to make things super cool with the engineer and rego guys... i jacked the back up even further! Putting in some old rally springs which made it sit up at the point where i had about 1deg of positive camber! hahahah.... need a wee little bit cut off. Also gave a clearance of about 165mm from the exhaust to the ground hahahhaha.

AAAAnd i changed the wheels to some R31 Ti rims just to get the rubber inside the guards hehe.

So by now your probably wondering where it all goes wrong?

Well, I had a good ol chat (15 minutes) to Mr Engineer, and he said its all sweet! And asks what i want to be certified on the certificate! So i list all the things... and he says no problems at all!!

I had my blue slip all booked in for Friday afternoon, but before that i decided i would trailer it to get a wheel alignment. So booked it in!

This is where it all goes horribly.. terribly wrong!

Driving it out my garage..... down my driveway.... heading for the trailer.... and just as i head up the ramps.... what happens??

A valve spring retainer decides to snap in two.

Sending a lovely present of a valve down to meet cylinder 4!

So whilst theyre getting quite well acquainted, all this extra metal flying around in the headworks cant be good! And no it wasnt.... Smashed rockers... Dislodged tappet shims... etc etc.

So basically its all %#@!ed.

Some pretty nasty gouges out of my poncams... %#@!ed rockers... %#@!ed piston... %#@!ed head... and no doubt a %#@!ed block. Hmmm tasty.

So what now? Well... im back in wollongong again... minus my datsun again.

Gotta find another DE motor.... in good nic.

Im gonna get a builder to do a quick freshen up.. might chuck in some procams and springs.. bit of porting. Who knows... it might end up being closer to a SR22. But then again im getting pretty sick of not having my datsun on the road.. so it might just be a standard motor... and ill re use my %#@!ed one, and sleeve it and get a new head.

Just to top off the datsun adventures.. my computer has been eaten alive by virus' thanks to my brothers dirty network.. i lost my iPhone.. lost my camera.. and now im back at uni! Lets hope the end of the year is better than the first half.

Here are some pictures to add to the entertainment:


















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Oh and just one more for good measure:


:( :( :(

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Man that sucks!!

Hard to keep motivated when that crap happens. Good luck with the rebuild!!

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i've got a non turbo s14 motor here i want to sell pm for details...

I'm sorry to hear of your bad luck there luda......

Car is looking good though mate. will be all worth it once its on the road again

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damn chris! chin up mate it'll all be worth it in the end when you take it for a blast through some twisty roads :)

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Bad luck mate.

My 2c - just slap in a cheap running SRDE and enjoy it. The go plenty hard enough to keep a smile on your face. Bugger keeping it off the road any longer then you have to. Spend your spare time enjoying your car, and keep your stuffed motor to tinker with when you're bored.

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+1 to throwing in a stock DE for now

heres some inspiration for you, i know its a honda but the colour is similar to your datto and it has the same wheels :)


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Me again.

Thanks for the inspiration anth! That thing looks wicked! Digging the gold meshies.... hmmm i wonder... gold on mine? Photoshop time...

Plans are now to throw a stock SR at it. I might rebuild the old one as a little side project, but we will see what happens...

Ive been looking around, and possibly getting one from a wrecker. Comes with 3months warranty... which is a plus. Or one of my friends friends just crashed his silvia, which he is now looking to sell. So i might buy it, and salvage the motor and all that, as well as the rear subfame etc etc.. and part out the rest. Ill see what else i can come across.

Back at uni, and in no real hurry yet again to get it finished... but i do just want it done once and for all!!!

Got my mad garage setup nearly done. Pegboard, whiteboard, corkboard, shelving, all my hand tools finally etc etc.

Just need all my power tools to fill it. Grinder, drill press, bench grinder, TIG, linisher etc etc. And a hobby lathe if i can fit it in somewhere.


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my advice is buy the silvia if you can get it cheap enough, and sell all the parts on ns.com if theres not too much damage. i made my money back + more when i bought a wrecked CA18det 180sx (i think i payed like 2500, but it was about 4yrs ago)

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Any thing to update Ludachris??

Im keen to c more progress.

I have followed this build for quite a while and i been lovin it.

Keep it up mate

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hey mate, i see your car every week i drive into wagga and i try to slow down to check it out.it looks awsum and it must be close to being ready to get heads turning on the street.cant wait.

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what the hell happened to this project chris ???? Did you sell it on ebay for $1500 ? or were they just rumours ?

Please do tell ?

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