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Loose Shox In Standard Struts

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I Have a 1970 datsun 1600 stock as a rock.

I have had pedders put in comfort gas shox 2 years ago. Adapters are put in there as well due to different height of shock/strut. (normal say pedders).

Problem is the shox came loose and the car clunks all the time when turning/and Braking.

My mechanic re tightened them and all is quiet for now....

Problem is it will return and seems to be clunking again only a week after re tightening.

who has had this occur to them and how can it be permanently eliminated.

The shox are thinner then the strut they fit into and they under load they move about.

Bolt em in somehow, put a locating spacer in the bottom?

what is the solution?

Please help!! <_<

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The replacement cartridges are usually a snug fit into the tube with respect to diameter, but the critical dimension is the height of them.

The gland nut needs to bear down on the cartridge to firmly clamp it inside the tube.

If the gland nut has run out of thread, then there is no way it can clamp the cartridge down.

Couple of things may have happened.

The original spacers that were put in were either not quite thick enough or they have deformed allowing a bit more slack.

What you need to do is check why the gland nut keeps working loose.

My advice is to pull them apart and closely measure them to see what is the go.

If the length is an issue, you could add a few more thick washers under the cartridge so that the gland nut will clamp better.

No harm in using some thread locker on the nut either but normally that isn't necessary.

Just wind it up tight with a some Stillsons or a pipe wrench :spiteful:

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What he said Damo^^^^^

Or, if you'd rather not tighten up to VFT specs, use a rubber disc (cut from clark rubber 5mm thick sheet) under the cartridge. It will act a bit like a spring washer, pushing the top of the cartridge hard against the underside of the nut.

Also, don't use any oil inside the strut. Clean it all out and degrease, then replace with anitifreeze (seriously) - it stops corrosion, transfers the heat out and FWIW is lighter than oil... (This was a tip I once got from Baz at Datsport)

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thanks guys, great ideas.

when the noise comes back ill have the know how on what to do


hey dude. sorry this is a late reply. But I had the same issue with my 180B. I put a set of Monroes gas and the same thing, it clunked and rattled and eventually blew the shock and made a mess, so be careful of this. I basically took the strut apart put in the new insert, and I found there was about 1mm of gap between the shock cartridge and the nut. I just used shim material and made a washer that was the correct size, and then used LOCTITE and the very tight method of torque application.

worked a treat.

good luck


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